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Paradise     Amiga   MS-DOS

Two small programs to easily and quickly transfer files between the Amiga and the PC.
Giuseppe Mignogna
Date: April 2000
 -- Freeware --

Paradise v 0.71b (51 Kb)
Paradise for PC v0.72b (33 Kb - you need the above archive too!)
Cable diagram image (25 Kb)

Paradise allows to transfer files, directories and ADF's (Amiga disk images) between an Amiga and a PC using the parallel ports and a special cable (a ParNet cable with a little modification, not so hard to build). It's, in my opinion, easy to use and has good performances: ~33 Kbytes/s with an Amiga 500 @ 7 Mhz and a Pentium @ 233 Mhz, and ~70 Kbytes/s with an Amiga 4000/030 @ 25 MHz, KS 3.0 and a Pentium II @ 266 MHz. Paradise needs Amiga OS 2.0+ but works properly under OS 1.3 even if with some limitations when uploading files from the Amiga to the PC (due some incompatible routines; I hope to make them fully compatible with OS 1.3 in future). Under the PC it requires MS-DOS 7, maybe other versions are good too. Windows 9x is necessary only for the long file names support.

Major features and improvements of this version:

* Disk images sending and receiving, directly from floppy drive;
* Core routines optimized in Assembly 68000;
* Windows 9x long filenames support;
* Sub-directories transfering;

Telemako     Amiga

A Prestel (CEPT2) terminal emulator, with lots of features.
Giuseppe Mignogna
Date: December 1995
 -- Freeware demo --

Telemako v0.92b demo (191 Kb)

This is a program I've made some years ago, when prestel services were very popular. Due the large diffusion of the internet, today only a few people need a program such this, but if you're one of those, Telemako is surely one of the best you can find around. The powerful built in prestel editor can be used also to easily create pages for the TV Teletext services, still widespread.


* Prestel terminal emulator;
* Pages editor;
* Pages capturer;
* Pages/text sender;
* Dialer;
* Script interpreter.

Telemako works nicely under the latest WinUAE Amiga emulator for Windows.

ModPlug Player     Windows

A program to play many music modules formats (mod, xm, it, med, s3m, okt...)
Olivier Lapicque
Date: November 2000
Site: www.modplug.com
 -- Freeware --

ModPlug Player v1.43.05 (273 Kb)

ModPlug Player is a 32-bit Windows 95/NT4 application, currently not using any hardware acceleration, but featuring a lot of options to create the best possible output (Up to 48KHz, 16-bit, stereo):

- 32-bit internal precision for mixing, dithered to 16-bit.
- High quality resampling filter.
- Automatic click removal.
- Digital Bass Expansion digital low-pass filter (filter range and depth customizable in Advanced Player Options)
- Dolby Pro-Logic Surround support (and it's not only negating the right channel) with custom delay and 100Hz-7KHz filter depth.
- Reverb Option (not echo), much better since v1.41.01
- Noise Reduction: attenuation of the very high frequencies in the sound.
- Stereo Separation option (25%-400%), useful for headphones.
- 40-bands (Or 2x 19-bands) fourier spectrum analyzer, and VU-Meter.

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